National Agricultural Research Alliance - Beltsville

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The National Agricultural Research Alliance - Beltsville, Inc. (NARA-B) was created to:

1. support the advancement of agricultural, human nutrition and scientific research missions of the U.S. Department of Agriculture Beltsville Agricultural Research Center (BARC), located in Beltsville, Maryland, thereby securing the benefits of BARC research for farmers, the general public, the nation and the environment;

2. support the acquisition and preservation of agriculture and rural development information missions of the National Agricultural Library located in Beltsville, Maryland, which houses one of the world's largest and most accessible agricultural information collections;

3. advocating in support of BARC and its agricultural and horticultural activities before legislative, executive, administrative and judicial bodies, and the public generally, regarding the contributions to agricultural science, safe and healthful foods, environmental quality, national security and other benefits of BARC, and 

4. consistent with BARC's mission, the maintenance and preservation of the natural and historic qualities of BARC, including but not limited to, open space, watershet protection and enhancement, clean air and water, and architecturally significant or historical structures.



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Updated - June 14, 2011